Füd. Vitamin Energy. Berry & Coconut 12 x 250ml


Say hello to an energy drink that actually makes you feel güd (like... actually güd). Füd Vitamin energy is the great tasting alternative to traditional artificial nonsense. Forget added sugar or sweeteners. We use sparkling water with real fruit juices, natural caffeine, B-vitamins & electrolytes to deliver refreshing drinks packed to the brim with flavour and function. Our drinks have the same caffeine as an americano to help you achieve those smashing-the-game, actually-killing-it vibes every day. Oh, and they're naturally low calorie too (don't mind us just quietly bossing it over here). Füd. Feel güd energy, 100%, every time.


    Please note: this item will not be available until the end of January 2020. Your pre-order will be dispatched as soon as it becomes available.

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